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Skin care has become a highly dedicated branch of modern medical science - Dermatology. Today, with the advancement of technology and medical science, Dermatology takes care of all types of skin diseases and issues. Our skin needs a lot more than that can be supplied externally. And that is why Dermacare the Skin Clinic provides the services of highly specialized Dermatologists in its clinic.

dermatology acne


It is a common skin issue mainly suffered by adolescents or by people with oily skin and it requires well balanced combination of medical and cosmetic care.



Pigmentation is the appearance of dark or white patches on the skin due to increase or decrease in the amount melanin pigment. It can be managed well with medical and aesthetic treatment depending on the cause of pigmentation.

vitiligo surgery


Vitiligo arises due to non­functioning of melanocytes and causes irregular white patches on the affected area. It can be treated with medical or surgical treatment and phototherapy depending on area of involvement and stability of disease.

childhood skin diseases

Childhood Skin Diseases

Most common skin diseases are skin infections, atopic dermatitis, vitiligo,psoriasis and birth marks. Treatment of these diseases depends on cause, symptoms and cosmetic concern.



Light therapy consists of exposure to daylight or to specific wavelengths of light using Or PUVA Chambers. Main indications are Vitiligo, psoriasis and skin cancers.

nail diseases

Nail Diseases

Nail Diseases include deformity of nails, and infection or inflammatory diseases of nails and side effects of systemic drugs. Nail diseases usually respond slowly to treatment so persistence with the treatment and patience is necessary.

oral diseases

Oral Diseases

Oral diseases are infection or inflammation caused on buccal, labial or gingival mucosa. Most common are infections, nutritional deficiency and Recurrent ulcers.

genital diseases

Genital diseases & STDs

All kind of gential diseases in males and females which are bacterial, fungal and viral in origin and transmitted both sexually (STDs) or non sexually come in this category. Common sexually transmitted diseases are molluscum contagiosum, genital warts, candidal infections and herpes genitalis.


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