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Dermatosurgery involves the surgical treatment of skin, Hair and nail diseases and. Dermacare provides advanced facilities for Hair transplantation, Vitiligo Surgery, Acne Scar Surgery, Mole excision, Nevus Excision, Scar Revision, Nail Surgery , Ear lobe repair and these surgeries are done by well qualified team of Dermatosurgeons and plastic Surgeons.

Vitiligo Surgery-Deramcare the skin clinic

Vitiligo Surgery

Surgical treatment should be done only in stable cases of vitiligo. Success and outcome depends on stability of disease and type of Surgery. Surgical options are punch grafting, blister grafting and melanocyte suspension.

nail surgery-Deramcare the skin clinic

Nail Surgery:

It is usually performed for the treatment for ingrown toenails, traumatic nails,deformed nails and nail tumours

scar surgery-Deramcare the skin clinic

Scar Surgery:

It is done for the removal scars formed on the skin after the healing of wounds caused by trauma, burns and post acne.

corn wart surgery-Deramcare the skin clinic

Corn & Wart Surgery:

It is the surgical removal corn or wart after the failure of other methods, or in case of severe corns/warts.

laser surgery-Deramcare the skin clinic

Laser Surgery:

Laser surgery is effective in the removal of moles, warts, corn, pyogenic granuloma , skin tags, Freckles, and seborrheic Keratoses.

mole surgery-Deramcare the skin clinic

Mole Surgery:

Deep or large moles can be removed by surgery. Usually this is performed by punch or elliptical excision of moles.

skin cancer

Skin Cancer Surgery:

Surgery is an effective method for the treatment of basal cell carcinoma,melanoma. Surgery requires removal of affected skin tissues with wide margins.



Various types of abnormal skin growths, moles, warts, and minor skin cancers can be removed by the r application of liquid nitrogen on the skin.


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