Skin care has become a highly dedicated branch of modern medical science - Dermatology. Today, with the advancement of technology and medical science, Dermatology takes care of all types of skin diseases and issues. Our skin needs a lot more than that can be supplied externally. And that is why Dermacare the Skin Clinic provides the services of highly specialized Dermatologists in its clinic.
As the pollution levels are increasing by the day skin care has become a routine for many people. However, sometimes homecare or home remedies are not enough you need to see a dermatologist. You may not know why your skin is too dry or too oily and what needs to be done to get rid of the problem. We also help you prevent your skin from dermatitis and treat all kinds of skin injury besides other treatments.


It is a common skin issue mainly suffered by adolescents or by people with oily skin and it requires well balanced combination of medical and cosmetic care.
Sometimes buying over-the counter ointments does not get rid of acnes permanently. You may not know there could be some internal issues. Dermatologist recommends solutions that are not too harsh for your skin and within days you may feel improvement. Remember, applying just anything on your skin could have a side-effect!



Pigmentation is the appearance of dark or white patches on the skin due to increase or decrease in the amount melanin pigment. It can be managed well with medical and aesthetic treatment depending on the cause of pigmentation.
There are types of pigmentation like melasma, age spots, and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. They are all treatable. There can be various factors leading to pigmentation. Sun damage is the most common reason. Inflammation and skin injuries are other reasons behind pigmentation. People with darker skin commonly face the issue of pigmentation.



Vitiligo arises due to non-functioning of melanocytes and causes irregular white patches on the affected area. It can be treated with medical or surgical treatment and phototherapy depending on area of involvement and stability of disease.
Vitiligo though does not cause any serious problem to over-all health, but if not treated on time it may result in hearing problems, eye issues, and sunburn. Generally, people with vitiligo problem also tend to have some other autoimmune disease, which could be thyroid disorder or some sort of anemia. Timely treatment is the key!


Childhood Skin Diseases

Most common skin diseases are skin infections, atopic dermatitis, vitiligo,psoriasis and birth marks. Treatment of these diseases depends on cause, symptoms and cosmetic concern.
There are various forms of common paediatric skin disorders that require timely attention and clinical care by a dermatologist. The typical skin conditions in kids can be categorised as, Viral Skin Infections, Fungal Infections, Parasitic Skin Infections and Viral Exanthems (Rashes). The treatment is given as per the cause of the skin disorder.



Light therapy consists of exposure to daylight or to specific wavelengths of light using Or PUVA Chambers. Main indications are Vitiligo, psoriasis and skin cancers.
Phototherapy is also referred to as heliotherapy and may involve exposure to other forms of light as a treatment. Wavelengths of polychromatic polarised light are exposed to the skin in some cases to treat a condition.


Nail Diseases

Nail Diseases include deformity of nails, and infection or inflammatory diseases of nails and side effects of systemic drugs. Nail diseases usually respond slowly to treatment so persistence with the treatment and patience is necessary.
In case, you spot any abnormal change in your nails, visit the dermatologist. Some common changes in the nails that require medical attention are, discoloration, curling or clubbing of nails, , brittle nails, changes in nail thickness, nails that are pitted, bleeding around nails, pain around nails, swelling or redness around nails, or a nail separating from the skin.


Oral Diseases

Oral diseases are infection or inflammation caused on buccal, labial or gingival mucosa. Most common are infections, nutritional deficiency and Recurrent ulcers.
Without seeking a proper treatment, oral lesions may persist, or may spread to wider surface area. Dermatological care is needed to effectively control such oral diseases. In case, you have oral diseases make sure you seek an appointment and consult the doctor for oral care and treatment. It may seem tiny but can take a bigger shape with time.


Genital diseases & STDs

All kind of gential diseases in males and females which are bacterial, fungal and viral in origin and transmitted both sexually (STDs) or non sexually come in this category. Common sexually transmitted diseases are molluscum contagiosum, genital warts, candidal infections and herpes genitalis.
In case of genital diseases, men may feel burning or itching in the private part, a drip from the reproductive part, pain around pelvis, sores, bumps or blisters in the genital area, or burning while urinating or during bowel movements. Women may show any of following symptoms, burning or itching in the vagina, a discharge or odour from the vagina, pain around the pelvis, abnormal bleeding from the vagina, or sores or blisters in the genital area etc.